About Utacchi.Design

Utacchi.Design houses the two studios by Tori – Delta.AVI for illustration based works, and Star Blossom for handmade Lolita and J-Fashion pieces. I am just restarting and becoming re-established,

My mission is to bring you, and possibly your event, illustrations that show love for it’s source- be it fan art, or a passionate idea floating in my head (usually music inspired!) and/or Lolita and J-Fashion clothing that fits a variety of sizes.

Future Events: 

I have done the previous conventions previously:

The links on the left are for my portfolio pages. I felt it was best to organize the pages by content. 

The most recent Booth set-up image is below.

I hope that you enjoy looking through my work. I look forward to seeing you soon!


(last updated: 06/02/2023)